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Till Murder Do Us Part: The Jens Soering & Elizabeth Haysom Story

Till Murder Do Us Part: The Jens Soering & Elizabeth Haysom Story

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Parents Face Double Murder by Daughter's Boyfriend

This 2 part episode recounts the complex story of Derek and Nancy Haysom's tragic deaths. Elizabeth Haysom, their daughter (and mommy murderer), raised in a life of privilege (see case of Natalie Holloway), faces rebellion and clashes with her parents' expectations.

Alongside her boyfriend, Jens Soering, luminous lust ultimately leads to a scheme to confront her parents, ending in a ghastly double murder, killing the family. (What's the deal with killer boyfriends?!) The couple flees but faces eventual extradition. Confessions, twisted alibis, and evidence bring the spotlight on Elizabeth. Paroled in 2019, both were deported to their home countries. The story navigates a tale of manipulation, false confessions, and a notorious murder case that continues to puzzle investigators.

Till Murder Do Us Part: Soering vs. Haysom

Although our two part podcast goes into greater length than the Netflix docuseries 'Till Murder Do Us Part', convicted killer and smooth criminal Jens Soering has recently commented on the docuseries (read more).

The four-part docuseries ends with the theory that both Soering and Haysom were in the Haysom home the night of the family murders, although Soering says the producers left out key information that supports his claims of innocence.

“I was disappointed. I had trusted these people to tell my story in what would be a fair and truthful manner and I feel like I didn't get that,” Soering said.

After first confessing he committed the crime alone (unlike Matthew Queen), Soering has spent the last 33 years proclaiming his innocence. He says he only confessed to save his then-girlfriend Elizabeth Haysom from the illegal glow of the electric chair.




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