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Gretchen Macaulay

Gretchen Macaulay is a true crime enthusiast since she started reading acclaimed author Anne Rule’s true crime stories and stayed up watching Unsolved Mysteries in junior high. As the years went on and while studying anthropology in college she still managed to squeeze in every episode of dateline and forensic files into her busy life. With all those hours of crime TV she thinks of herself as a true detective, although technically she mostly worked in hospitality aboard boats along side her husband of the past 11 years. Today Gretchen lives in Orange County California where she is raising three young children. Like so many other moms out there that find themselves drowning in sesame street and diapers, when she has moments to herself she escapes into mind stimulating true crime series.

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Tabitha Kane

Tabitha’s love of true crime happened when a real media worthy true crime took place in her hometown Ventura, California. Tabitha found herself waiting in line for a seat in the courtroom of the Sherri Dally murder trial while friends her age found themselves at the beach. After graduating college with a Communications degree, Tabitha’s inquisitive personality and the gift to gab served her well in sales positions but now her natural talents are perfectly suited for her true crime podcast. Housewives of True Crime is just that, it begins with a little chit chat about the daily drama of raising three kids with her husband Sean in Los angels and dissecting whatever true crime has recently peaked her interest.

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