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Narcissist & Ex-Husband Ian Baunach Faces Death Penalty for Murder of Katie Baunach

Narcissist & Ex-Husband Ian Baunach Faces Death Penalty for Murder of Katie Baunach


This episode, part of a podcast swap with Military Murder, delves into the disturbing case of Ian Baunach, a 43-year-old former Marine from Florida. Accused of murdering his ex-wife, Katie Baunach, 39, her disappearance occurred during a visit to collect personal items.

Christian Mingle couple's relationship turns volatile by animal, child and domestic abuse

Katie McKinney from Louisville, Kentucky and Ian Baunach, a body builder & former marine (like Thomas Montgomery) from Indiana, originally met online at ChristianMingle.com. Katie and Ian went on to have two children together and moved to Florida. Once she left the state, Ian controlled everything she did, including contact with others, electronic devices, etc. While in Florida, Ian invited Carolyn, Katie's mother, to move to Florida to live with them. During this time, Katie's mother witnessed a very scary side of Ian (a crazy maniac like Dee Dee Blanchard) - later escaping the home to get away from Ian. (listen to podcast for more details on the animal, child and domestic abuse charges)

Neighbor recalls wondering "who would burn a fire at this time?"

Katie Baunach was reported missing on September 30, 2022 with the last known sighting being at Ian's residence, where she had gone to collect her belongings. Investigators discovered a troubled history of domestic violence between the couple, with Ian previously charged in November for domestic battery by strangulation, a case that was dropped in January 2022.

In the course of the missing person investigation, deputies found Katie's car on Ian's property, prompting a search. Although they couldn't locate Katie initially, they discovered a significant quantity of steroids at the residence. Ian was uncooperative, pacing around and refusing entry, leading to a search warrant. Gun silencers were found in the home and luminol was found in the trunk of his car, signifying that a crime scene clean-up had taken place. Subsequently, a drum and burn pile was found along with Katie's remains were found on Ian's five-acre property, days after Hurricane Ian.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for ex-husband, Ian Baunach

Ian Baunach is currently incarcerated on charges including first-degree murder, cremating a body within 48 hours of death, failure to report death to a medical examiner, use of a two-way communication device for a felony, tampering with evidence, and drug-related offenses. His criminal history includes a previous contempt of court charge in December 2021.


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