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Twisted Vows: The Tale of Donald and Rebekah Mellon

Twisted Vows: The Tale of Donald and Rebekah Mellon






The murder of Donald Mellon in his Phoenix home uncovers a complex web of domestic turmoil, leading to his tragic demise. Once a devoted family man and successful business owner, Donald's life spirals out of control after a divorce, plunging into an intense relationship with Rebekah Cheever, an ex-stripper - a tragic love story.

Alcohol, violence, and a vast arsenal of guns accompany their tumultuous union, ending in a shocking surveillance-captured murder. With conflicting testimonies about abuse and culpability, Rebekah's trial unveils disturbing footage, prompting a plea deal for second-degree murder. Questions linger about whether justice prevailed as Rebekah's defense of self-defense clashes with the cold reality of the chilling surveillance video.

Rebekah Mellon Accused of Murdering Husband

In Phoenix, Arizona in 2012, a phone call was made to the police but when police arrived, no one answered the door. After the police kicked down the door, they found Rebekah Mellon hanging out on the couch, with a handgun sticking out from between the cushions (talk about the secret life of a suburban mom 😂). It was then they found her husband, Donald Mellon Jr, they found her husband shot in the head (like Colin Strickland) and killed. When the cops woke her up, Rebekah said she knew nothing. According to the police, Rebekah gave limited information and continued to fall asleep during her interviews.

Rebekah Mellon told the police that her husband came into the bedroom, "said some crap" and was getting violent with her earlier in the night. Her tailbone was slightly bruised and there were a few scrapes. Court documents show there were previous domestic-violence incidents between the two, although police note the evidence indicates the shooting was unprovoked.

The Mellon's Home Video Surveillance

Police discovered the surveillance cameras in the home and reviewed footage. According to descriptions in police reports, the footage showed Donald Mellon Jr was sitting on the couch in the living room while making a phone call. Rebekah Mellon entered the room with a handgun, aimed it at her husband and after a short verbal confrontation, fired at his head. She than sat on the couch, lit a cigarette and did not call paramedics for 23 minutes.

Medical examiners said Donald Mellon Jr might have survived his injuries had he been attended to sooner. In the footage, according to police, he was seen lifting himself off the floor and onto the couch 16 minutes after being shot.

Sentencing set for Rebekah Mellon

Rebekah Mellon pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and faces 18 to 22 years in prison after accepting a plea deal from prosecutors. By doing so, Rebekah Mellon avoided a trial on a first-degree murder charge that could have resulted in a life sentence, which was captured by home surveillance cameras.

Rebekah was set to argue self-defense due and that she feared for her life due to previous cited domestic violence reports. But a trial threatened to bring up incidents in their volatile marriage.



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