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Marjorie Orbin: Beauty That Kills

Marjorie Orbin: Beauty That Kills



Las Vegas Showgirl or Stone Cold Killer?

Marjorie Orbing was a starlet beauty with big dreams (and an illegal glow) . As a Vegas showgirl, a dancer and an all around go getter, Marjorie wasn't going to let anyone slow her down. Even as a married mom, Marjorie kept busy; maybe even a little too busy and we're talking a man on the side! A full blown affair! ... I mean her husband, Jay Orbin, did travel a lot for work so she had the free time...

One day Jay went missing and Marjorie did not have time for that or anything that came with having a missing husband. Could it be because she wanted him missing (pulling a good ole' Joran van der Sloot)?


You thought this killer mom was bad? Check out the recent unfolding of the killer yoga teacher, Kaitlin Armstrong or how a famous Paralympian, Oscar Psortorius, was granted parole after killing his model girlfriend.


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