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Time Travel Doesn't Exist: The Murder of Anna Repkina

Time Travel Doesn't Exist: The Murder of Anna Repkina


A Love Triangle Leads to the Murder of Russian Bride Anna Repkina

Anna Repkina, a Russian bride-to-be, embarked on a love journey that took a tragic detour with little bodily charm. Unbeknownst to her, her fiancé, Will Hargrove, already had a ticket for a love triangle express. Hargrove, juggling relationships, mourned Repkina's death, desperately wishing for a time machine to undo his mess. Little did he know, his bizarre internet quests for time travel spells and soul-bargaining led detectives right to him.

His post-murder shopping spree using Repkina's cash, featuring Star Wars LEGOs and cigars, was an odd postscript to a macabre tale. Caught on camera and linked via a KFC receipt, Hargrove's tale of tears and cash withdrawals spun a web of suspicion. The peculiar clues, the tears at gas stations, and the ATM withdrawals painted a damning picture for this smooth criminal. From a love triangle to tragic loss, this lethal saga unfolded like a poorly scripted thriller, landing Hargrove in the spotlight as the prime suspect in Repkina's murder.

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