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Money Really Does Grow on Trees: The Story of Con-Artist Rachel Lee

Money Really Does Grow on Trees: The Story of Con-Artist Rachel Lee


Rachel Lee Cons Ralph Raines Jr. Out of His Family Forture

Rachel Lee, an Oregon psychic with an illegal glow and lust for fortune, spun a tale of clairvoyance and companionship to fleece Ralph Raines Jr., an heir to a timber empire, out of millions. Lee's con involved a mansion, a fake British psychic, and a faux marriage, all while siphoning Raines' wealth. As a smooth criminal, her flashy spending caught the eye of detectives, leading to the revelation of her decade-long scam, raking in $15 million. Despite the heist, Raines strangely sees his swindlers as former friends and wishes them well, while grappling with the aftermath. Lesson learned: not all fortunes foreseen by psychics are legit!

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